Door Security Devices That You May Want To Install At Home

Despite anticipating the arrival of thieves in the house, the possibility still exists. Therefore, the security of the house is very important. Especially at the door, because the door is the main road for the entry of thieves into the house. Together with this article, you will get to know some of the home door security that you must know. Curious? Then you need to check out this article. In the meantime, you might also need to try the recommended and popular

Fingerprint security system

Fingerprint or door lock is one type of tool used as a fingerprint-based door lock. To open the house door using fingerprint, you need to attach fingerprints to the scanner machine. The fingerprint recording system on the device will scan whether the fingerprint is included in the fingerprint that has been registered on the machine. If not, then the house door will not open automatically. This interesting feature owned by fingerprint is widely used by buildings that require a high level of security such as hotels, offices, even luxury homes.

Door alarm

A wireless alarm is a device that can provide signals in the form of sirens when unwanted things happen at home. This signal can later be connected to the fire department and the police, so that the problems that occur can be quickly resolved. This alarm can blink like an ambulance. For attachments, better alarms are placed in strategic locations. Don’t forget to provide good instructions for use and maintenance so that the alarm can function optimally.


The existence of CCTV on the market can now be said to provide very many benefits, especially regarding the security of housing. With the CCTV in the house, you can control certain points that are prone to theft through the monitor screen. CCTV is usually also placed in public places such as ATMs, shopping centers, parking lots and so on. On the use of CCTV in residential homes, of course, can be profitable and included in one of the security doors of the house.

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