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How To Get Ex Boyfriend Back - Without Causing Conflict

One of the most frequently asked questions for dating mediums is how to get ex boyfriends back without a fight. Most women do not want to engage in a physical altercation or become involved with a nasty scene with another woman. Of course this happens, but it is best to use you’re your head instead of flying off the handle. Playing it smart can help get your ex boyfriend back, while still maintaining your dignity.

After a break up it is common for the couple to move in different directions and find other lovers. The new relationships often make it more difficult to return to the past, without some changes. That is not to say that it can not happen because it does every day, but the woman must embark on the journey with knowledge and passion in her heart. In order to win in love it is important to always consider the feelings of the Ex boyfriend. Getting mad at them for finding new relationships will only push them away and most likely push them away forever.
No one wants a relationship that is full of stress, anxiety and anger. Women must understand that a man will not come back if they are subjected to frequent fights and gripping about the past, present or future. Men do not want to hear this and they will avoid the relationship entirely. The best way to avoid this is to not say or do anything that will lead them to feel guilty or bad about the break up. It is however, important for the couple to discuss the events that lead to the break up, but it should never end in a fight or unkind exchanges of words. Keep your cool and walk off if you can not compose yourself. Give yourself time to calm down before saying or doing something that will make a fool of you. 

One of the leading complaints by men is the fact that women cling to them and they have no personal space. Now not every woman is guilty of this, but when a relationship ends we sometimes find ourselves doing things that we would not normally do. So keep your distance and let him have a breather, do not crowd his space by calling constantly or telling him how sorry you are. If you have already said it once, that is enough. Love does not come to those that feel like they are being stalked. Keep phone calls, visits and other behaviors to a minimum, back up and let him come to you. In fact if you can stand it play a little hard to get, men want what they can not have. Be a little difficult to find, do not answer your phone and forget to tell family and friends where you will be for the weekend! Sometimes you have to spark the mans interest and if he knows your every move that is difficult to do!

So, when answering the question of “how to get ex boyfriend back”, the best course of action is to have a good time, laugh and remember what brought you together in the first place. Everyone wants to have a good time together; it is no fun to sit at a dinner table or Movie Theater or other event with someone that is mad at you. Most people will avoid conflict, even if they are in love with the other person. Fighting and having trouble with your Ex is certainly not the best way to win his heart back over. Like the old saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. It is definitely true.

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