How To Maintain Sliding Door

Just like other home furnishings, sliding doors should be cared for regularly so that they last long and still function normally. Here are some suggestions for caring for sliding doors from cheap handyman singapore:

1. Clean regularly
People often assume sliding doors are in good condition because they can be opened and closed as usual. We sometimes forget that dirt and dust can sometimes accumulate on the back of the door rail. When the door wheel moves on it, dirt moves to the wheel. The accumulated dirt causes the wheels to be difficult to move and the door becomes difficult to open. Therefore, rails and wheel doors must be cleaned regularly.

2. Check the screw
This is absolutely done especially at the hanging sliding door (the rail is above the door). The door wheel sometimes does not hold the door load after a while. The sliding door wheels and screws must be inspected at least once a month to ensure the door remains perfectly functional.

3. Give lubricant
The quality of the door wheel will decrease due to friction between the wheels and rails that occur continuously. After the wheels are cleaned, give a little lubricant to reduce the impact of friction on the wheels. Do not over-lubricate because the rails will get dirty and dust will easily stick to the rails.

4. So that the sliding door is not noisy
The usual noisy sound arises when the door touches the frame or door frame. In order for sleep to be uninterrupted, install a rubber pad or foam pad along the edge of the door. Can also be installed on the door frame.

5. Doors with sliding doors do not overload
Given the sliding door is more susceptible to the surrounding conditions, sliding door cabinets should not be too crowded. Load that is too heavy will cause damage to the closet body so that the performance of the sliding cabinet door will decrease. It is better to leave around 15% of the bulkhead or clothes hanger.

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