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Want Yout Hasband Back? Here Are The Rules

Today society is faced with so many rules and guidelines that when it comes to relationships people feel like they must comply. Granted there are rules in any relationship, but when you are fighting for “how to get your husband back”, all goes! Remember hearing that old saying, all is fair in love and war, well it is true and we are about to cover how to keep the love of your partner. 

Is There Another Woman?

If there is another woman involved or you have been cheated on, consider this: you have everything to lose. This calls for a “spring” into action mode. You must play your cards right and ensure that you win this war. Try to stay as calm as possible in the presence of your man, do not blow up and get into a screaming match every time you see him. This will only drive him further into her arms, because she is playing her cards very well. In fact most women that date married men have usually done it before, so have experience with this type of situation. Show your husband respect even though you may not think that he deserves it, because he already feels low enough. You do not have to punish him for what he has done, whether he admits it or not he is suffering. 

The Ex - Is She Coming Beteen You Two?

If the Ex is trying to steal your husband away, keep in mind they obviously had some type of problems or issues that caused them to break up in the first place. Try to keep your head and capitalize on this issue. If you play it smart and not fly into a full blown rage every time her name is mentioned you stand a chance of discrediting her by jogging his memory about the turmoil of their past relationship. One thing that the Ex has going for her is the fact that hurt and problems heal with time and seemingly lessen. That is the reason that you must bring those problems to light. If you are unsure of the troubles or issues that broke them up in the first place talk to family and friends to find out as much as possible. You must be well armed!

Keeping Your Hasband  Around

Though they may seem rough and tough men are actually very delicate creatures. In order to keep a good relationship women have learned that they must stroke the ego of their man. It is important that they feel needed and useful. One of the leading concerns or complaints from men unhappy in relationships is the fact that they do not feel loved or worthy. Women must take this information and make good use of it or risk getting divorced!

Let Go Of The Past And Make Room For Your New Relationship

Everyone jokes about a woman’s memory when she feels that she has been wronged. Though it is a big joke there is some truth to the claim. Women often carry around hurt feelings, disappointment and anger for years on end. This causes them to nag and gripe, which in turn pushes their man away. If you are looking for a positive relationship this must end. Do not keep bringing up the past, let it go! By letting go of the past it allows those burdens and hurt to not come up in every situation or every time that you get frustrated. That is not to say that you are forgetting, but forgiving and moving on is healthy. It does no good to nag him over the past, it will not change what has already occurred, but it will drive him away. --> inspired by

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