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Frequent Questions/Answers

Do you miss your ex badly and can't move on with your life?

How to get your ex back is a question asked by many people who have ended a recent relationship.
It's almost the automatic reaction to a breakup, because you may have been with your ex for months or even years, and now you have to cope with a new and possibly scary situation of being without her or him.

This website is dedicated to all you women and men out there who are interested in getting your ex back! I hope you'll find your way back to your loved one, and achieve the happiness you deserve.

I have made an effort to include the best information and tips about getting back with your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Feel free to read through all the articles, especially the ones that pertain to your specific situation.

So let's start with some proven advice on how to get your ex back. This advice is based on my own experience on getting back together with my own ex, a few years ago.

Before you rush into calling your ex on the phone, begging them to get back together, you must stop and do some serious thinking. This will help you operate from a much better position, after you've done some "in house" thinking.
This point in time is a great opportunity to check yourself and the relationship you've been in, and see if this relationship is right for you.

You need to sit down quietly with yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I really love my ex. This may sound shocking, but too many people stay in a relationship for the wrong reasons.
2. You need to understand why you broke up, and what's going to change now. This is vitally important. If you broke up because of specific reasons that made it impossible for you to live next to your ex, what are you going to change to make the relationship work? If your ex used to abuse and insult you, for example, is this going to change this time? It's obvious that the things that made you break up in the first place must change, or you will breakup again after a few weeks.

3. Do we have common goals in life. If you and your ex spouse have different views on life and on your future, than maybe it's best for both parties to go your separate ways. Really, if you want to get married and have 3 kids, and your ex can't stand the thought of marriage and hates kids, do you really see a future with this person?

OK, so you've done some deep thinking and got your head around things, and you still want your ex back.
You have a written or memorised list of the things you want to talk about - for instance: you want to find out if they still love you, is they are at all interested in getting back together, ifthey're ready to make a sincere effort to change things that need changing.

So, now's the time you call them up and ask them to meet.

Meet in a public place, or a park, and don't meed in your place or theirs. It's better to keep this meeting temptation-free. In this meeting your goal is to find out if your ex is committed to making the needed changes to make this relationship work. If you don't feel your ex is as committed as you are, it's better to end it then and there and save yourself a lot of grief in the next few weeks.

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