Know These If You Wish To Make English Poetry

According to, Poetry comes from the Ancient Greek Language, namely “Poieo” which has the meaning I create “I Created”. So that it can be said that poetry is a work created by someone, not the result of copy paste. Before creating a work called poetry, let’s look at the meaning of the word “poem” below. Aside from that, you may need to take the b1 test if you wish to live in the UK and get its visa soon.

A piece of writing in which the words are arranged in a separate style, and for the images and ideas. (Source:

Approximate meaning like this: A work with words arranged in several lines, often ending in rhymes chosen in such a way as to voice their hearts, images, and ideas.

So, poetry is a burst of feelings in the lines of words that have rhymes so they are beautiful to read. To be more affectionate, we take a quick look at poetry in some other countries. There are 2 types, namely: Old Poetry and New Poetry.

Old Poetry

Old poetry is bound by rules such as the number of words in 1 row, the number of lines in 1 stanza, rhyme or poetry, rhythm and the number of syllables per line.

Want years of old poetry? We see the following list.

Rhymes, which has attachments and contents,
Short rhymes,
Hooked up Rhymes,
Poetry (sourced from Arabic).

New Poetry

The New Poetry is not too tied to rules like old poetry, it is freer, not bound by the number of syllables, words, and lines. Well, the new types of poetry are:

Ballads, which contain stories,
Himme is for the worship of God, homeland, and heroes,
Ode is flattery for meritorious people,
Epigram, which contains the guidance and teachings of life,
Romans namely from expressions of feeling,
Elegi is a type of sadness,
Satire is the type used to insinuate because it contains satire,
After knowing the meaning of poetry and its types, are you ready to make a poem in English?

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