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How To Win Back Lost Love – The Age Ole Question

Love is not something that can be turned off and on like a light switch. This is one of the reasons that it is so difficult to end a loving relationship. This leaves one or both of the partners looking for answers on how to win back lost love. Of course there is no 100% guarantee of rekindling that fire, there are a few things that can help the couple get back together.

Open communication is the best way to restore the relationship. Without an open line between the couple there is not any way to resolve the issues that caused the split. Problems do not resolve themselves and it takes honesty and a genuine effort to restore the peace. Covering the issues or ignoring them will not do anyone any favors, so be honest with one another. Spend time assessing and discussing the problems of the relationship and build a plan of action. Now building a plan of action may sound corny, but it works better than being heart broken and alone! Address the issues, likes and dislikes. This will provide insight to the expectations and demands of both individuals. This plan may be as simple as an agreement between you and your lover that you will do or not do “X, Y & Z”. It may be as simple as no chatting on the internet or as major as revamping the entire relationship. What ever it may be is fine as long as it is agreeably between the couple, but it must be spoken and well planned.

Couples should also prepare themselves for the adjustments in their “new found” relationship. Some lovers get so use to doing things a certain way that they fall into a habit. Once the rules of the relationship change it is very difficult to change these habits. It takes a willing effort to change, and make adjustments to get back together. This is not an overnight process and can take years of fine tuning, but for most relationships it is well worth the effort.
Learn to set boundaries within the relationship and personally as well. One of the most common reasons that people break up after a reunitement is the fact that one or both of them sacrificed their terms or behavior. They later become resentment and can not believe that they “gave in” or agreed to something that they did not feel strongly about. So even when you are trying to get back your Ex, understand that you must remain true to yourself. Do not agree to promises that you can not keep, or terms that surpass your abilities. This may get your lover back, but it will only cause pain and hardship later on.

Try to avoid a relationship tug of war, do not get into a he said, she said exchange of words. This sets the couple up for one or the other needing to be right. This can lead to a destructive habit because the couple is not only having a disagreement about the issue, but also engaging in a power struggle. Keep in mind that there does not have to be a winner in every disagreement, but an agreement instead.

So to answer the question of “how to win back lost love”, the best answer is to listen to your partner or Ex lover. Take their requests and concerns seriously, do not blow them off or laugh about them. Understand that if it is a problem for them, it must be a problem for you as well. Talk things through and do not simply ignore what your partner is trying to tell you. No matter how ridiculous or foolish their words seem, take them seriously and make an effort to reassure them or change whatever is troubling them. Each party must have the compassion for the others feelings, because without it the relationship is doomed.

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