Platforms That Influencers Are Using For Promoting Various Companies Online

Now, you have the knowledge of who the Influencer you are going to invite to work with your startup business geofencing definition. Then, what kind of marketing campaign do you want to run? Regarding the most active and highest-impact platforms, you need to decide what content your startup business wants to release. In the meantime, you may need to try the geofence method for a more location-oriented marketing strategy.

Here are some content recommendations that you can “do” for your startup business marketing strategy:


The most common form of collaboration with Influencers who use Instagram accounts as their main platform is sponsored posts (Sponsored Post). Depending on each Influencer, they can offer add-ons to strengthen their posts via Instagram Stories. Instead, they will ask for compensation in the form of cash or in the form of products that your business sells. You can make different negotiations or develop the same offer for each Influencer who works with you.


Bloggers are also part of the Influencer population. The benefits of using posts on blogs that are sponsored are the contained information that is more detailed and more relevant to what consumers/readers want. Often, posting content on social media might get a direct high influence, but that is only temporary. Furthermore, posts on social media will be replaced by new feeds every day. Whereas blog posts can be searched and can be updated at any time.


YouTube is another platform where you can collaborate with content creators to promote your product or service. However, you may have to pay more incentives for content created by YouTubers than Blogger or Influencer Instagram with the same number of followers. Same with blog posts, video content on YouTube can be accessed at any time without the need to fear being overwritten by a new upload from another Youtuber. Videos on YouTube will use one of the features like AdSense, where Youtuber will get rewards in the form of money from advertisements from your business that are attached to their upload videos.

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