Prepare These Three Things Before Shooting Television Ads

A television advertisement must be made to the maximum, from writing to writing until the shooting process is done. You must be able to make a television ad that is interesting and seen by everyone. That way, you will be able to attract the attention of your target audience and will increase the company’s sales. The services of the corporate video company will greatly help you in the shooting process even until the ad has finished.

However, before the ad goes through the shooting process, you also need to realize that there are many things that must be prepared. Some things that must be prepared before the television ad shooting are

1. Synopsis
The synopsis is a summary of the story that contains the outline of the story, the summits of dramatic events and the main characters. Synopsis for television advertisements is how many things must be contained, such as the contents of the story, the desires, and goals of the story, the conflict and the way to handle it. The role of Synopsis is very important before the storyline is written completely.

2. Storyline
The storyline is the development of a storyline from a synopsis, which contains detailed but quite dense plots.
The purpose of making a storyline is to make a sketch of a dramatic construction arrangement, in this sketch form we can easily move the sequence of events to be truly precise. Storyline making can consist of several sequences or rounds, each sequence contains a single unity of events, even to the explanation per scene, here the importance is the plot.

3. Storyboard
Storyboard is a sequence of images that explain the details of taking scene after scene. Usually, scenes are taken as a comic format. With storyboard television advertising makers can make a more real observation than just verbal expressions in explaining the concept of the visual image. Images that are displayed can be in the form of products offered, images, cartoons or other scenes in accordance with the course of the story stated in the script.
Storyboard for television advertising is a bit different from the multimedia presentation storyboard or website. Storyboard for television advertisements. It usually consists of 8 to 50 images.

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