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Preventing Relationship Break Ups Is The Best Course Of Action

Just as prevention is the best cure regarding health, it is the same for relationships. The best way to prevent relationship break ups is to understand what causes relationships to end and to make a concerted effort to avoid those issues. If you care about your spouse, you should do whatever it takes to keep them around. The purpose of this article is to examine the most common problems in relationships and help the reader with strategies on how to “fix” the problem before it is too late. 

Old Memories Surface

One of the hardest things to deal with in any relationship is the past. This encompasses Ex lovers, friends, families and other people that can wreak havoc on any happy couple. Since there is no changing the past the best way to handle this is to understand that those relationships and circumstances are no longer active. Obviously the two individuals have moved past, as should you. This is where individuals must keep their jealousy in check and do their best to avoid ridiculing or picking fights over past relationships. Everyone has a past, but they are just that “the PAST”. 

Lack of Respect or Feeling Unloved

Nine times out of ten couples that have broken up will claim that their relationship could have been fixed if their partner would have listened to them. Sometimes when we are angry we become so engrossed in being angry that we forget that our partner has feelings and must be respected. The number one problem in regards to a lack of respect is name calling and the put downs that are spewed during a heated argument. This must stop; this is the fastest damaging technique in the book. There is absolutely no room for calling each other names or saying nasty things, ever. There is a difference between working out differences and having an all out screaming match. Screaming does not resolve anything and in fact it actually takes away from the dealing of the problem. 

Financial Difficulties

Money troubles lead to more fights than just about any other issue and that is because it is an important part of survival. When two people do not agree about how to handle money it can cause problems that boil over to every aspect of their relationship. Dealing with money troubles is not fun, but it is a fact of life. At some point and time everyone must learn better handling, saving or spending tactics to ensure their financial future. This should be done together by the couple because after all they share in the success and debt of the relationship. Communicating and understanding the wants and needs of both parties can help stave off fights tremendously. If all else fails and the problems with finances are mounting, some couples split their money. Each party is responsible for certain monthly debts and this is the way that they keep from fighting about money. In order for this division to work the couple must have spoken guidelines and boundaries. Both must agree and understand that they are responsible for particular items, but the rest is theirs to manage accordingly. 

Each person must be made to feel special by showing them love and respect. That is not to say that there has to be lavish gifts, but a pat on the back or thank you goes a long way. Life is busy, but not that busy! Take just a few minutes and prepare a meal, write a letter or purchase a card to let your lover know that you are thinking about them, it really works. 

Keeping a relationship in tact is much easier than overcoming the issues surrounding a breakup. It is best to address them today than it is to say sorry tomorrow, because your lover may not be there to listen.

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