Some Tips to Avoid The Fake Alarms for Your Security System

Homeowners tend to experience the highest incidence of false alarms in the first few days after their security system is installed because they are getting used to turning on and turning off the system. Some home security companies have a “grace period” after the system is installed. During this time they will not immediately notify law enforcement if the alarm sounds. This is the right time to hold a family meeting and teach all family members how to activate and deactivate the alarm. All family members must memorize the key code, and know that there is a time limit for entering the code before the alarm turns on, and knowing the code word to cancel the alarm by telephone. Apart from that, perhaps you should know the trusted Alarm and Car Key Replacement service near your area as well

Knowing the location of the sensor

Your family members may not think twice when opening a window or door or entering a monitored room, but doing so can cause a false alarm. All residents must know that opening a door or window when the alarm is on will activate it. It is also important to ensure that the doors and windows must be completely closed because the wind and rain that breaks through the gap can activate the alarm. Browse homes with your family members and show them where motion sensors and detectors are installed. In addition to family members, housemaids, carpenters, babysitters, and other workers also need to know that there is an alarm system installed in your home and know where the motion sensors and detectors are.

Check the battery regularly

Running out of power can cause a false alarm if the backup battery fails actively, so it’s important to check the backup battery every three months and test your home security system at the same time. Before you test the system, tell the security company that you are doing it, otherwise, you can activate a false alarm.

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