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Is It Possible To Stop Your Divorce - Before It's Too Late?

It is estimated that over half the couples uniting in marriage will divorce before the third year of marriage. This is alarming especially when in the majority of the cases this decision is made in haste and then regretted later on. There are many issues that surround a divorce and some couples to not even attempt to rectify the issues before taking on the big “D”. This is because many of them are not sure how to deal with the issues or find solutions to the problems. Read on for tips on “how to stop your divorce, before it is too late.

How To Delay The Divorce

One of the best ways to delay a divorce is to enter into counseling or some other means of fixing what ever is broke in the relationship. Some people choose to keep their head buried in the sand and never even attempt to work out their differences, and these people end up on the receiving end of a divorce. Marriage is about openness and admitting fault when the time to do so arises. It is much easier to part ways or breakup when the time for change comes, instead of changing behavior and thought patterns. But, when people run what they do not realize is the fact that most likely any and every relationship that they ever have will end the same, because they have been unable to change or improve themselves.

The Oath Of Marriage

The commitment of marriage is not always taken seriously and is one of the leading reasons for the alarming divorce rate. People all over the world assume that when things don’t go their way or the relationship becomes a headache that it is much easier to divorce than look for ways to repair the wounded relationship.  Marriage is a serious commitment and should always be viewed as such. There is no running off or splitting every time that there is a difference of opinion. By looking at marriage as an oath that can not be thrown away it places a price tag on the marriage that helps repair the problems. Couples have to look at the here and now and strive for a better tomorrow instead of throwing in the towel! No one ever said that the relationship would be a bed of roses or an easy venture, but it can be well worth while if the couple is committed to one another.

Separation But Not Divorce

Sometimes a couple needs to take a breather from one another. In fact this works in the majority of cases. The couple is mad at one another and needs some time to sort through their emotions, but when they are alone they realize that divorce may not be the right thing for them. A separation may not be the longed for outcome or goal, but sometimes it is an effective tool. The heart grows fonder when we are away from someone that we love, so this can definitely work to your advantage.

Mediating The Difference

In most cases the individual seeking the divorce still has feelings for the other, but feels that they are unable to change what ever moved them to file for divorce. This can be used by agreeing to mediate the differences. This is an old tactic that lawyers use when they find themselves in a court battle and need a stall for time. Agree to meet with your Ex and lay out the problems. Then devise a plan to mediate or correct the problems. Be very specific about what the problem is, the steps needed to change it and the promise of change. In 9 out of 10 cases this brings the couple back together, but staying together will depend on the sincerity in the “promise of change”.

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