These are The Right Way To Clean The Carpet You Need To Know

Carpet is the accessories at home owned by many people. There are many people that use carpet cleaners north shore the carpet in some rooms of their house. For that, they also have to care about the cleanness of the carpet. One of the problems that always experienced by many people is wet carpet cause water damage. Then, you need water damage restoration north shore to clean the carpet.

One other problem that is often experienced by many people in their carpets is the process of cleaning the wrong carpet. There are a few tips on washing carpets to get the maximum clean you should know. Some of the tips referred to here are

– Use the Upright Vacuum Cleaner machine
Clean the carpet from dust with an Upright vacuum cleaner machine. It is highly recommended to use this machine so that all the dust is lifted to the maximum. If you don’t have an Upright Vacuum machine, you can use an ordinary Dry vacuum tube.

– Spray the carpet with a chemical or low foam carpet shampoo
After the carpet is cleaned of dust and dirt, spray the carpet low foam shampoo into the area to be washed. It is recommended to use a sprayer so as not to overload the chemical. The chemical used must be low in foam, to speed up the work process and leave no chemical residue on the carpet.

– Use the Carpet Extractor machine or Dual Brush Cleaner
After the chemical spray foam carpet is sprayed, wash the carpet with the Carpet Extractor machine. It is strongly recommended to use a machine that has a vertical rotating brush (Carpet Extractor) so that dirt and stains on the carpet are lifted up to the bottom of the carpet. Besides cleaning, the carpet will look like new because the carpet feathers stand back.

– Blower engine
Area rugs that have been washed can be dried with a Blower machine. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before the room is used. Carpets that have not been maximally dry or moist will cause odor in the room. If you want to dry quickly, you can be helped by wind from the air conditioner

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