This Is the Cause of Air Conditioners You Need Service Routinely

Everybody else agrees that a room that has an air conditioner is more comfortable than a room that doesn’t have it aircon servicing. However, the thing that must be considered in the use of the air conditioner is cleanliness. Make sure your air conditioner is cleaned regularly and maximally. In addition, the installation of an air conditioner must also be perfect so that there are no problems with various components. Use services from aircon installation singapore so you can get the right installation of the air conditioner.

The use of air conditioner certainly must be monitored regularly. There are times when your air conditioner needs service. Below are some of the reasons your air conditioner is no longer cold and requires service.

1. There is a clot in the condenser air conditioner
The coil on the condenser air conditioner is one component that is very important for the air conditioner. This component is located in the outdoor unit. Then when there is a clot, the air released by the air conditioner machine will get hotter and uncomfortable. There are many causes of clots in this section such as dust that accumulates very much on components, insects that have accumulated, and all types of dirt that have been released by the air conditioner filter.

2. Dirty evaporator
In addition to the above components, the evaporator is also a very important component for the air conditioner. This component will work to help all air conditioner units work. Then when there is a pile of dirt on the evaporator it can cause the air conditioner to not work according to the temperature set. Therefore, to overcome this problem, care must be taken regularly. The minimum time to clean the evaporator is once a year. If not, all dirt will continue to accumulate so that it cannot make other components work properly.

3. Not treated regularly
The process for treating air conditioner is by routine maintenance carried out by technicians who already understand the air conditioner machine. Many people buy and install air conditioners but don’t know when to treat air conditioners. Regular air conditioner treatment for at least three months.

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