You Must Know The Signs Of The Dirty Air Conditioner

If you use the air conditioner at home, then you must take care of the cleanliness. You must clean the air conditioner routinely. The dirty air conditioner can affect your health. The dust that stuck in the air conditioner is not good for your health. You can use the service of aircon servicing to make your air conditioner clean. We can help you to clean your air conditioner. You cannot clean it by yourself, then we are here to help you local service.

If you don’t know the air conditioner is dirty, then you must know the sign. Your air conditioner will give you a sign when it dirty. These are the sign of the dirty air conditioner

1. The hose on the air conditioner is leaking
The first sign that you should know is when the hose on the air conditioner is leaking. This will cause harm to yourself. If the hose on the air conditioner is leaking it will cause the leaky water to form ice in the air conditioner. This will have an impact on the leakage of air conditioners in the long term.

2. The air conditioner has a bad odor
If you enter a room with an air conditioner and smell bad, this is a sign that your air conditioner is dirty. If you experience this, then you must call a professional service to clean your air conditioner. the smell that arises from the air conditioner is caused by fungi that accumulate in it.

3. Air conditioner does not produce cold air
If you feel that your air conditioner does not produce cold air, then it’s time for you to clean the air conditioner. Air conditioners that cannot produce cold air are caused by dirt and dust that accumulates. This can cause your air conditioner to become damaged.

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