Announcement: New Blog!

by Kathleen Quiring on March 19, 2012


This is a big day for me. I feel nervous and excited and a little bit queasy, to be honest. This thing has been over two years in the making (two years of planning and dreaming; three months of actual work).

So. Wanna know what it’s all about? OK.

My new blog is entitled Becoming Peculiar: Adventures in living out the backwards ways of Jesus.

In Becoming Peculiar, I want to explore ways that we can actually practice Jesus’ radical, counter-cultural, counter-intuitive Way, and to document my attempts to put these things into practice in my own life. The idea behind it is that followers of Christ should look different from the rest of the culture in how we live, besides going to church on Sunday mornings. The world should find us strange, shocking, even messed up — like it did the early church — because our values should be so scandalously different from theirs.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case here in North America. We look pretty much like everyone else.

I look like everyone else.

The project began with the question, “How can anyone tell that I’m a follower of Jesus by the way I act and live?” And the sad answer was, they probably couldn’t.

The title comes from 1 Peter 2:9, which says: “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”

Some of the things I want to focus on are deconsumption, environmentalism, non-violence, and practicing Sabbath. In my own life, I want to work on being generous, hospitable, and peaceful, and on living simply.

Because I’m so interested in the topic of parenting right now, I also plan to spend a lot of time focusing on what I call “peculiar parenting”: i.e., raising children in a way that shows them who Jesus is, not just through our words but our daily practices. Oh, I have so much to say (and learn!) on this topic!

And so some of the topics that you’ve come to expect from Project M will still be featured in Becoming Peculiar, but there will be a broader focus in general. A lot of things will be the same, then — I will still be talking a lot about family and motherhood, but from a “Kingdom perspective,” as my favourite pastor Greg Boyd likes to say.

I know that not all my readers are into Jesus, so I know my new blog may not interest all of you, for which I am sorry. I hope we don’t have to completely part ways!

Project M simply hasn’t been giving me the space to explore all the things I’ve wanted to talk about lately. In all honestly, Project M started out as an experiment — a wildly successful one, in my opinion, where I learned so much about writing, community, and the internet. And also about marriage. I never realized how much I could learn from others when trying to offer my own thoughts! But I feel ready to move onto something bigger and better.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me. Thanks for hanging out in my tiny corner of the Interwebs. I have been so blessed to get to know you. You have provided friendship and support I never would have expected from the virtual world. I hope some of you will stick with me and provide guidance and wisdom.

Thanks again!

Please join me over at Becoming Peculiar!

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Life Continues . . .

by Kathleen Quiring on March 12, 2012

Hi folks,

sorry for my continued absence. The trouble is, the new blog project is nearing completion and I’m busy obsessing about that right now. I have a feeling that once it’s ready, that’s going to be the only place you’ll be able to find me. Hope you’ll join me there when the time comes!

Things are going smashingly here at the Quiring household. We got over that slump I told you about and Lydia has two shiny new little teeth to show for it.

We got back on track with EC and we’re better than ever. We’re back to staying dry all night — one pee at night in the potty, and again in the morning — and she also generally pees every time I give her an opportunity during the day, so that we wet maybe six diapers a day. (When it started at 24 a day, that’s pretty amazing). I think I’m starting to tap into that intuition they talk about in all the books on EC . . . I just kind of know when it’s about time to go on the potty. I hold her over it, say, “Go peepee!” and she goes. Back on goes the dry diaper!

infant feedingWe’ve been casually starting with solids over the last month (starting at six months), following the principles of baby-led weaning: we just put her in the high chair, stick on a plastic bib, and hand her chunks or slices of whatever we’re eating. Her favourite foods so far are Camembert cheese, medium-rare steak, and orange slices. And she’s passionate about drinking water from a glass. I don’t understand it. It’s so fun, and I love that I never have to pack her special mushed-up food when we go out. Narnia is also a big fan of this method of eating, because she gets to clean up the floor while Lydia plays around with sweet potatoes, meatballs and cheese slices.

Anyway. The response to my last post on husbands and home birth has been fascinating to say the least. Take a look at the interesting comments if you are so inclined!

And again, thank you, thank you, for reading.


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